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Having our military personnel protected while on deployment or during a mission is a top priority here at Galls. We strive each day to ensure our men and women have the military approved uniforms, tactical gear, body armor and survival equipment that they require while on patrol. Galls is proud to offer Army and Air Force approved uniforms, the best military boots and over 400 different types of tactical gear and military equipment from the most trusted brands, including 5.11, Garmont, Condor, Point Blank, Propper, Smith & Wesson, Streamlight, Under Armour and hundreds more.

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Military Uniforms & Tactical Gear

Since 1775, our U.S. military has made it their mission to serve and protect the American people. Many of these military forces are stationed all over the world and face different challenges, threats and environments. With that in mind, it is important that our U.S. military soldiers are equipped with the right uniforms and equipment so that they can better serve our nation. Here at Galls, we do just that and more. From our advanced selection of military equipment to our most up-to-date uniforms that meet military specifications, we have everything you need to run a successful operation.

Galls is proud to serve military professionals with only the most high-quality selection of equipment from the names you trust. These brands include TRU-SPEC, Propper, 5.11 Tactical, Condor, Salomon, Danner, BlackHawk and much more.

Military Uniforms & Tactical Clothing

The military uniform plays a significant role in distinguishing armed forces from the rest of the population and increasing identification amongst fellow soldiers. There are many different types of military apparel worn by different branches of the armed forces including the OCP uniform, ACU uniform, Army Dress Uniform and more.

ACU & OCP Uniforms

The OCP (Operational Camo Pattern) uniform is the current ACU worn by the United States Army, Air Force and the military's newest branch, the U.S. Space Force. This new uniform is made up of a six-color camo pattern of muted greens, light beige, and dark brown colors, but uses fewer beige/brown colors and no vertical twig or branch elements. The result is a uniform that can better blend in with various environments.

BDU Uniforms

The BDU, Battle Dress Uniform, was introduced to the U.S. Armed Forces in 1981 but was later replaced in the mid-2000s. Even though the BDU uniform is no longer current, it's still worn by many tactical operators in camo or solid colors for their utility and tactical features. Our selection of BDUs is sewn to military specifications and include BDU pants, shirts, belts, hats and more.

Flight Suits

The flight suit is meant to be worn by those who fly service aircrafts. They're typically made from Nomex, a fire-retardant material, and will be insulated to keep you warm at high altitudes. The Nomex flight suit also provides practical utility with its many pockets.

Tactical Clothing

Our selection of tactical military clothing is designed to improve your performance. From many easy-to-access pockets to breathable, moisture-wicking materials, we have what you need to make your job easier. Our tactical clothing assortment includes combat shirts, combat pants, tactical shirts, tactical pants and more.

If you need athletic/training clothing that works as hard as you do, we also stock a wide selection of performance apparel and base layers from brands like Under Armour, Nike, Tommie Copper and more.

Military Patches & Insignia

Military patches and insignia are an important part of the military uniform that identifies a soldier’s rank, accomplishments and qualifications. Collar pins and nameplates are just some of the many types of military insignia we carry.

We also have a large selection of emblems and morale patches you can use to customize your tactical bags and gear. From chevrons to blood type patches, we have what you need to express your patriotism and boost morale.

Military Boots & Footwear

The best military boots can make the difference between life and death. They're not only essential for keeping your feet supported all day long, but also for protecting them against harsh elements and injuries.

There are many styles of military boots that are built for different types of weather and environments. Tactical military boots such as Berry compliant boots, waterproof boots and AR670-1 compliant boots are just some of the many types of footwear used by the military.

Berry Compliant Boots: This type of footwear passes a federal regulation that was put in place during WWII. This regulation requires the Department of Defense to procure goods made in the USA, meaning boots labeled “Berry Compliant” must be 100% American made. This includes the materials and construction of the boot itself. Our selection of Berry compliant boots has many features such as moisture-wicking properties, insulation from the cold, or breathability for hot weather environments..

AR670-1 Boots: These types of boots are approved by the army. There are many regulations that must be followed for them to be considered AR670-1 compliant including that they must be:

  • Tan or coyote in color
  • 8 to 10 inches in height
  • Made of tan or coyote flesh-side out cattle hide leather
  • Plain toe
  • Soles match the color of the tan or coyote upper materials
  • Rubber and polyether polyurethane are the only outsole materials that are authorized
  • Sole cannot exceed 2 inches in height, when measured from the bottom of the outsole and will not extend up the back of the heel or boot or over the top of the shoe
  • Exterior of the boot upper will not contain mesh but will be constructed of either all leather or a combination of leather and non-mesh fabric

Military Gear & Survival Equipment

Tactical Gear

Owning the right tactical gear is not only a practical way to minimize risk in dangerous situations, but also gives you the edge you need over others. There's a wide range of tactical equipment that can be used to aid in your survival and customize the way you carry your load through the use of the MOLLE system.

Our selection of tactical gear includes MOLLE gear, night vision goggles, shooting gear, drop leg holsters, rifle scopes, rifle slings, weapon lights and much more. If you're in need of a gun holster, we have a holster finder tool to help you select the right fit for your assigned firearm. Simply type in the manufacturer name, gun model, barrel length and weapon light (if you have one attached) to see what's available.

Body Armor & Ballistic Protection

Body armor plays a crucial role in protecting the body from ballistics and explosive fragmentations. There are many types of protection that will need to be equipped including a ballistic vest, ballistic helmet and a set of elbow pads and knee pads.

Ballistic Vests: Ballistic vests are designed to slow down the impact of a bullet. How the bullet's impact is absorbed will depend on its level of threat protection. We offer plate carriers with threat levels IIIA, III and IV. Please keep in mind that the higher the threat level, the greater the protection, but also the weight of the tactical vest.

Ballistic Helmets: Our selection of ballistic helmets is designed to fully protect your head, provide a full range of head movement and will either meet or exceed NIJ level IIIA ballistic standard protection. These tactical helmets also have multiple mounts for attaching weapon lights, face masks, gas masks, etc.

Elbow Pads & Knee Pads: Elbow pads and knee pads are made to keep your extremities protected from hard impacts in the most extreme conditions.

Military Backpacks & Tactical Bags

Military backpacks and tactical bags are designed to handle heavier loads of gear and provide the durability needed to get through some of the harshest environments. Many of these tactical backpacks also have PALS webbing that allows you to attach additional gear and customize the way it's organized with the use of MOLLE pouches. There are different types of tactical bags utilized by the military including the bug out bag, 3-day pack, MOLLE backpack, duffle bag, range bag, etc.

MREs | Meals Ready to Eat

MREs are high-calorie, individually packed food rations that are used in combat and natural disasters. They're crucial to your survival when out in the field for days on end and are lightweight to make it easy to carry. Please note that MREs are designed to provide you with the fuel you need to accomplish your mission and survive. They are not ideal for sedentary lifestyles.

Our selection of meals ready to eat come packed with plenty of contents including a main course meal, side dish, utensils, a water sleeve, survival equipment and more. Some MREs even have portable stoves, matchbooks and playingcards.

In addition to MREs, we also stock a large supply of survival equipment including emergency blankets, light sticks, survival kits, insulated sleeping bags, medical kits, hand warmers and more.