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When it comes to buying uniforms and equipment, your team is unique in its requirements and challenges. You deserve a distinctive solution built with YOU in mind.

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Galls eQuip Logo Custom Online solution brings you these great features:

More Savings

Spend less time on the phone and on the road checking on orders. Galls shipping options and pickup notifications provide real-time availability of your order information. Plus, eQuip's streamlined progress dashboards makes approvals a breeze.

More Insight

Access reports in real time and on demand. Through Galls' system integration, you can view invoicing, employee data, order statuses, individual allotment spend and more with just a few simple clicks.

More Efficiency

Reduce errors and confusion with our custom uniform programs. Your product selection, pricing and uniform embellishments are preloaded onto your eQuip site so your officers can order accurately and worry-free.

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