QuikClot Item# FA015 Mfg# 475

QuikClot EMS 3 x 48 Rolled Gauze


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QuikClot EMS 3 x 48 Rolled Gauze

The QuickClot EMS family of products put life saving technology in the hands of First Responders

  • Kaolin, the active clotting agent works fast and promotes clotting within minutes from application
  • 4 foot length for rapid deployment
  • Intuitive, easy-rip package designed for faster opening and removal
  • Rolled format for easy packing and wrapping wounds

    Packaged for use by trained emergency responders. I acknowledge and certify that I am a medically trained professional authorized by federal, state, and/or local policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, protocols, and/or laws to purchase and use QuikClot® Products. Shipment outside the US is prohibited.

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