Chinook Medical Gear Item# FA874 Mfg# 12102

Chinook Asherman Chest Seal Dressing


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Chinook Asherman Chest Seal Dressing

The Chinook Asherman Chest Seal (ACS) is the safer alternative to treating open pneumothorax and preventing tension pneumothorax caused by chest injuries from gunshot wounds, stab wounds, or other penetrating trauma. With its proven effectiveness, the ACS has become standard issue for the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. It features a 5.5" diameter ample dressing size, a clear circular design for optimal visualization of the wound, a one-way valve that allows air and blood to escape while preventing re-entry, a gauze pad for wound cleaning and drying, strong military-grade adhesive that is pressure-sensitive for an effective seal, and it is sterile and comes in an easy-open package.

  • Ample dressing size of 5.5" diameter
  • Clear circular design for optimal visualization of the wound
  • One-way valve to let air and blood escape while preventing re-entry of either
  • Gauze pad included for cleaning and drying wound area
  • Strong, military-grade adhesive; pressure-sensitive to assure an effective seal, even through body hair
  • Sterile
  • Easy-open package

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