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QuikClot Item# TK149 BLK Mfg# 261 BLK

QuikClot BTK Belt Trauma Kit


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QuikClot BTK Belt Trauma Kit

The QuikClot BTK (Belt Trauma Kit) is a compact, lightweight kit that's designed to stop traumatic bleeding quickly. Whether it's you, your buddy or a victim, stopping traumatic bleeding quickly can mean the difference between life and death. Emergency medical care may not always be available, but the BTK - Belt Trauma Kit is. This self contained emergency kit provides the immediate hemostatic medical help you need to save a life.

QuikClot hemostatic products rapidly and effectively stop bleeding with technology that has saved countless lives on the battlefield. The BTK (Belt Trauma Kit) is a compact, lightweight, and cost effective way to add another layer of safety to your daily routine. It fits up to a 2 inch belt and can be worn rotated 90 degrees to make room for other gear.

  • Sturdy Black pouch contains Gloves, CPR Shield, SWAT-T pressure tourniquet and QuikClot Combat Gauze LE
  • Pouch fits up to a 2" belt and can be worn rotated 90 degrees

    Packaged for use by trained emergency responders. I acknowledge and certify that I am a medically trained professional authorized by federal, state, and/or local policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, protocols, and/or laws to purchase and use QuikClot® Products. Shipment outside the US is prohibited.