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Tactical Gear

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Galls strives each and every day to be your trusted tactical gear outfitters as we ensure that our law enforcement and military personnel are prepared, protected and ready for action. With the continuous advancements in ballistic protection technology, uniform apparel fabrics and tactical gear, Galls has partnered with the industryís top brands to offer the best quality gear at online competitive prices.

We work with brands like 5.11, PROPPER, Bates, Streamlight, Point Blank, Galls and Safariland to feature tactical pants, tactical boots, body armor, flashlights, medical kits and more. Our goal is simple, to make sure law enforcement and military get the police gear they need, no matter the budget. Shop thousands of types of tactical gear today.

Tactical Gear Types: Clothing, Boots, Tools, Accessories & More

Tactical gear consists of a variety of clothing, tools, accessories, and assorted organizers, bags, and kits. These items are designed for performance, durability, and flexibility for either service duty or recreational activities that call for this kind of gear.

From tactical pants, boots, bags, MOLLE pouches, duty holsters, and much more, Galls carries all your tactical gear needs. Our extensive tactical and military gear selection includes popular brands like 5.11 Tactical, Vertx, Streamlight, and many others.

Tactical Clothing

The foundation for a standard tactical gear kit traditionally begins with clothing. From tactical pants, boots, shirts, and more, tactical clothing is an extensive category with many styles and brands to choose from.

Tactical Pants

Tactical pants are an essential piece of any tactical gear uniform. Whether for law enforcement members, firefighters, EMS/EMT techs, and other public safety professionals; or recreational use like hunting and other outdoor adventures, tactical pants are designed to be durable and practical.

Often made with ripstop materials to ensure durability, they also feature thigh-level pockets that allow access to your essential tactical gear items when you need them. Galls features a wide variety of tactical pants, including the traditional BDU design and other cargo-style pants, from trusted brands like 5.11 Tactical, Tru-Spec, Propper, and many more.

Tactical Boots

Because public safety pros and recreational tactical gear enthusiasts face various environmental hazards and weather conditions, tactical boots need to be versatile and designed to fit the. To accommodate the userís needs, tactical boots comes in different styles, cuts, and shapes. They also feature different kinds of soles, from non-slip to traditional combat boot style, offering protection and comfort in a variety of environments.

At Galls, we feature a comprehensive selection of tactical boots in duty, combat, and outdoor styles from well known brands like Bates, Rocky, Oakley, Under Armour, Nike and many others to choose from.

Tactical Shirts & Outerwear

From conceal carry shirts to combat shirts, there are many of tactical shirt options. These styles of shirts are designed for comfort and performance, featuring moisture-wicking capabilities and durable fabrics to keep you protected from environmental hazards.

Galls is proud to carry a wide variety of tactical shirts and outerwear choices, depending on your need. We offer combat shirts from brands like 5.11 Tactical, Tru-Spec, Propper, and more. Galls also features tactical outerwear BDU jackets and short-sleeve tactical shirts, providing several choices for service members and recreational tactical enthusiasts alike.

Tactical Vests

To complete the tactical gear clothing kit, many service members and tactical hobbyists use tactical vests as the final layer. Designed for multiple purposes, from gear organization to ballistic armor plate carriers, tactical vests offer versatility, protection, and easy access to the tactical tools necessary to complete tasks and duties.

Galls offers a variety of tactical vests and armor carriers from top brands like Blackhawk, Condor, and 5.11 Tactical and others, with styles that are effective for both duty and recreational tactical vest wearers.

Tactical Flashlights, Knives & Other Accessories

Tactical gear kits consist of more than just appropriate clothing. They also include items like tactical flashlights, knives, holsters, and tactical bags that offer additional organization capabilities. These items are designed for field use, which means they must be durable and easy-to-use.

Cumbersome tools that are difficult to handle and maneuver can hinder your performance in the field. Tactical gear tools are agile, offer a good gripping area, and are built to withstand frequent use. Galls features a wide variety of tactical gear tools to help complete your gearset from trusted, quality brands like Smith & Wesson, Leatherman, and Streamlight.

Tactical Flashlights

With many duties and activities associated with tactical gear involve various and changing environments, ensuring visibility is a key component. This makes the tactical flashlight one of the more important pieces of for a duty or recreational gearset. Galls offers a wide variety of tactical flashlights, featuring options like USB recharging, mounting capabilities, and a quality grip material for easy use and handling. We are proud to carry popular brands like Streamlight, Pelican, ASP, and more.

Tactical Knives & Tools

A quality knife or multitool is an essential piece of tactical combat gear, providing users with the ability to cut and work with agility and the confidence of a reliable grip. These tools provide valuable preparedness for service members while on duty and hobbyists who use tactical gear with their activities.

From folded blade knives for everyday carry purposes to versatile multitools designed for first responders and enthusiasts alike, Galls carries a wide variety reliable tactical gear tools from trusted brands like Leatherman, Gerber, Smith & Wesson and many others.

Tactical Bags & Kits

Aside from keeping users field and duty ready, another appeal of tactical gear is the amount of storage it provides. Tactical pants offer cargo pants pockets for gear storage, and tactical vests further add to the amount of storage tactical gear users have. While tactical gear isnít only for storing necessary duty and survival tools, the added storage contributes to its popularity among for service members and tactical gear hobbyists.

At Galls, we carry a number of tactical gear storage options like multiple tactical bag options, versatile MOLLE gear, duty and concealable holsters, and tactical first aid kits, as an example.

Tactical Bags

Whether youíre carrying a larger firearm case or a bail out bag, tactical bags come in many shapes, sizes, and serve many functions. From specialized storage of rifles and pistols, armor carrier cases, sling packs, backpacks, and much more, Galls has your tactical gear storage needs taken care of. We carry a large inventory of adaptable tactical bags and cases from such brands like 5.11 Tactical, Condor, LawPro and many others. Whether youíre on duty or enjoying tactical recreation, we have the right tactical storage options for your equipment.


Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment, or MOLLE, is a load bearing system meant to ease the burden of carrying tactical gear by allowing for additional MOLLE-compatible bags and pouches to be attached and removed as needed. These versatile MOLLE storage pieces can accommodate items like radios, firearm magazines, handcuffs, flashlights, knives, and other tactical gear tools. Because of their adaptability, MOLLE systems are popular with recreational tactical gear users and duty professionals. Galls carries a wide variety of MOLLE gear, including vests, backpacks, pouches, and bags from popular brands like Safariland, 5ive Star Gear, 5.11 Tactical, and Condor.

Duty Holsters

Firearms are often required for many who use tactical gear, especially for military service members, law enforcement providers, and security personnel. Additionally, many recreational tactical gear users are also firearm enthusiasts, making duty and concealment holsters an essential piece for many tactical gearsets. At Galls, we carry a wide variety of tactical holsters, from the hip-carry duty style to cross harness shoulder holsters. Our comprehensive inventory includes holsters from reliable brands like BlackHawk, Gould & Goodrich, Bianchi, and many more.