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Provide a secure environment with professional security clothing, uniforms, equipment and security gear from Galls. Shop for uniforms, duty gear, holsters, badges, footwear, body armor, flashlights, radios and more. Galls has been committed to serving security professionals since 1967, delivering the best gear with the best customer service at the best value. We offer the industry's leading brands in security uniforms and security equipment including LawPro, DutyPro, 5.11, Bates, Blackinton, Point Blank, Safariland, Smith & Wesson, Streamlight, Under Armour and more.

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Security Guard Equipment & Uniforms

The job of a security guard involves many different roles, whether its monitoring an area, acting as a security escort, or transporting money or other valuables.

Each security assignment comes with unique risks, so having the right security guard gear that meets these challenges is imperative. Security guard badges, tactical flashlights, uniforms, and duty belts are just some of the security officer supplies Galls provides.

With premium brands such as Propper, LawPro, 5.11 Tactical, Safariland and many more, Galls carries all the essential security guard tactical gear needed to reach maximum performance in the line of duty.

Security Officer Uniforms

Security officers are typically the first to be seen by guests and employees. A presentable security outfit or uniform helps make a professional first impression.

The work environment will dictate the type of uniform a security guard needs. Will they be working inside or outside in colder climates? Is it a formal event, or a casual department store?

In a more formal setting, wearing a clean pressed, fitted uniform is necessary. We have a variety of formal options for men and women including button downs and Class A uniform shirts, pressed uniform pants, trousers, PDU pants and more.

In other settings, security officers can adopt a more tactical appearance. This typically involves a more relaxed, but still tailored fit with fabrics capable of withstanding rough use. Galls carries a variety of casual duty options including performance polos, Class B uniform shirts, tactical pants, cargo pants, BDU pants and more.

If you're working in warmer climates, it's recommended to wear lightweight uniforms with moisture-wicking capabilities. In addition, we carry a variety of security jackets and outerwear for those working in cooler climates.

Security Badges & Uniform Accessories

Proper identification is important for security guards. A security officer badge completes a uniform and helps project an air of authority. Galls carries a variety of stock badges, insignia, emblems and security guard accessories. In addition, we also offer customizable badges, as well as silk screening and embroidery options.

Security Boots & Footwear

Because security guards spend the majority of their shifts on their feet, they require quality footwear with the proper support. Much like uniform shirts and pants, the features to look for in a pair of security guard boots will depend on the environment.

Still there are crucial features professionals should look for in their security boots, such as:

  • Steel or composite toe
  • Waterproof or water-resistance
  • Shock absorbency
  • Slip, oil-resistant outsoles
  • Moisture-wicking lining

The Merrell MOAB 2 Tactical Response Boot combines the comfort and durability you need for long shifts. These security work boots include waterproof leather, a shock absorbent air cushion and abrasion resistant toe caps. Other features include Vibram soles for traction on any surface and breathable mesh to keep out moisture. There are a variety of styles worn by men and women including tactical boots, duty boots, minimalist boots, Vibram boots, quarter boots, oxfords and more.

Security Guard Gear

Body Armor

The challenges a security guard faces can completely differ from one guard to another. For more dangerous assignments, some form of body armor may be necessary. As with other pieces of security equipment, body armor comes in different forms:

Ballistic Armor: Different threat levels (IIA, II, IIIA, III and IV) designate a piece of body armor's resistance against bullets of various caliber weapons. The higher the level of body armor, the higher the protection and weight of the security vest. Ballistic protection worn by guards includes tactical armor and plate carriers.

Concealable Armor: This type of armor is thinner and lighter than ballistic armor, yet capable of withstanding most handgun calibers. It usually comes in a black or white color so that it blends in with formal uniforms and plain clothing. Concealable armor is popular among all security professions, especially bodyguards.

Stab Armor: This type of armor is categorized into different spike levels (1,2 and 3) for protection against various forces of impact. Stab armor can be worn over or underneath clothing and resists edged weapons, blunt objects and spike attacks to the torso.

Holsters & Duty Gear

Whether you're an armed or unarmed security guard, wearing a duty belt is the most practical way to carry all your essential duty gear. There are various ways in which a guard can organize their security belt, but the most common duty belt setup consists of:

  • Gun holster (for armed guards)
  • Magazine holder (for armed guards)
  • Flashlight holster
  • Baton holder
  • Radio holster
  • Handcuff case

In addition to duty holsters, Galls carries all the essential security gear needed, including expandable batons, restraints, pepper spray, communications equipment and much more. We are constantly updating our inventory to provide our public safety professionals with the best and latest technology and equipment available on the market.