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Firefighter Uniforms & Apparel

Galls is your trusted firefighter supply store with a comprehensive selection of firefighter clothing and equipment, all designed to help perform their hazardous duties as safely as possible. From uniforms, reliable stationwear, protective turnout gear, and a wide variety of fire rescue tools, Galls is committed to providing fire professionals with the necessary firefighter gear, wear, and equipment required of their demanding profession.

Firefighter Apparel

Due to the various levels of duty for firefighters; time spent at the station and their first responder responsibilities, their work attire needs to be versatile, durable, and offer a degree of safety. At Galls, we offer a large selection of firefighter uniform pieces, including stationwear, job shirts, uniform pants, station boots, as well as duty gear like fire boots, turnout gear, and fire-resistant clothing. Galls is your trusted source for the best in firefighter equipment and clothing.


Because firefighters split time between responding and firehouse duty, a reliable set of stationwear gear is necessary. Stationwear is considered the standard fireman uniform and it allows for turnout gear to be worn over it when the emergency call comes in. The standard firefighter stationwear outfit includes a job shirt, uniform pants, and station boots that's not only durable and comfortable, but can also help protect the wearer from the hazardous conditions related to firefighting.

Job Shirts

One of the most popular pieces of stationwear is the job shirt. The quarter zip pullover style shirt is available in microfleece and water repellent styles, and are built for comfort, durability, and performance. Job shirts are also designed to be worn under turnout gear while responding to a fire or an emergency. Galls features a wide variety of firefighter job shirts by popular brands like Lion, 5.11 Tactical, Propper, Tru-Spec, and much more.

Uniform Pants

While stationwear and job shirt firefighter uniform pieces focus on the upper torso, a comfortable, durable pair of uniform pants help complete a firefighter's daily wear. Not only do these items maintain a professional look while at the stationhouse, but they also act as a reliable base layer when their duties require the use of firefighter turnout gear. At Galls, we are committed to providing a comprehensive selection for all first responders and service members, with uniform pants from Lion, Galls, 5.11 Tactical, Flying Cross, Workrite, and much more.

Station Boots

Because firefighters face several different challenges and duty demands, it is important that their footwear is comfortable, durable, and can offer traction on various walking surfaces. Station boot styles include heavy duty boots featuring steel-toes, and composite athletic style boots for less demanding environments. Featuring various styles and popular brands, Galls carries a variety of work boots for firefighters to wear while at the station house or conducting non-firefighting duties. Our selection includes brands like Lion, Under Armour, 5.11 Tactical, Reebok, Galls, and many more.

Turnout Gear

When firefighters are performing their hazardous duties, turnout gear is the traditional clothing selection for firefighters. Built to withstand heat and excessive water, reliable turnout gear is a crucial component of a firefighter's overall uniform. From extrication suits, fire resistant pants, and bright colored NOMEX coats, Galls is your trusted firefighter supply destination. We carry a large variety of turnout safety gear to help keep these important first responders protected and ready for duty.

Fire Boots

While fighting fires, the conditions are not only hazardous because of the heat and smoke, but because of the wet environment caused when using fire hoses. To help firefighters maintain safe footing while performing their duties, Galls offers a variety of fire boots designed for both protection and performance. With selections from brands like Lion, Honeywell, Fire-Dex, Haix, Danner, and more, Galls is your trusted source for fire-resistant uniforms and firefighter supplies.

Fire Rescue Gear

Not only does Galls supply a large selection firefighter-appropriate clothing, but we also feature a comprehensive inventory of fire and rescue gear, all designed to keep firefighters ready for the various duties they face on a daily basis. From fire bags, communication devices, firefighter accessories for vehicles, rescue tools, fire helmet accessories & much more, Galls is committed to providing firefighters the clothing and equipment to perform their duties while keeping them safe and ready.