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Microshield Item# SI014 YEL Mfg# 82-E7700

Microshield Econo-Vac Extremity Splint Set from MDI Microtek


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Microshield Econo-Vac Extremity Splint Set from MDI Microtek

ECONO-VAC® Extremity Splint Set from MDI® Microtek is an Affordable Way to Use And Dispose of Splints

Each splint has a 12-hour vacuum with rapid fixation.

  • Vinyl splints have yellow exterior, white interior.
  • Splints are compatible with most vacuum sources as well as x-ray, CT and MRI.
  • Wrist/ankle, arm and leg splints come with T-Lock Velcro® straps to secure in place
  • Carrying case: 14"H x 26"W x 7-1/2"D
  • Medium and large forearm splints are held in place by any available straps, tape or gauze from ambulance or emergency room supplies
  • Each splint incorporates the positive locking pinch clamp to ensure vacuum is not accidentally compromised
  • ECONO-VAC™ Extremity Splint Set Contents: 1 Wrist/Ankle Splint, 1 Leg Splint, 1 Arm Splint, 1 Medium Forearm Splint, 1 Large Forearm Splint, 1 Adapter, 1 Pump, 1 Carrying Case