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LIONExpress Khaki Armor AP Turnout Pants



LIONExpress Khaki Armor AP Turnout Pants

Introducing the Khaki Armor AP LIONExpress pants, where style meets functionality. The low-rise waist is thoughtfully designed to complement the natural contours of your body, ensuring heightened comfort throughout your day. Reinforced knees featuring Lite-N-Dri™ cushioning provide an extra layer of comfort and thermal protection, making these pants ideal for various activities. The adjustable take-up straps on the pants allow for a custom fit tailored to your preferences. Embrace the Freedom® Design, where mobility and comfort are non-negotiable, showcasing bellowed knees. Lightweight yet protective, these pants offer unparalleled ease of movement and a layer of defense that effortlessly adapts to your every stride. Elevate your wardrobe with the perfect blend of style, comfort, and protection.

  • Low-rise waist designed to complement natural body contours for heightened comfort
  • Reinforced knees with Lite-N-Dri™ cushioning for enhanced comfort and thermal protection
  • Adjustable take-up straps on pants for a custom fit
  • Freedom® Design includes bellowed elbows and knees for standard mobility and comfort
  • Lightweight protection that moves with you
  • 6.5 osy comfort twill weave Nomex®/Kevlar® spun yarn/filament for flexibility, durability, and protection
  • Reliable combination of durability, breathability, thermal, and liquid protection
  • Pure Prism face cloth quilted to a Kevlar/Nomex batt for a balanced TPP (Total Heat Loss) and THL (Total Heat Loss)

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