Lion Item# FE1577 Mfg# ATC01SG

LION SG4000 Smoke Generator Waterproof Case


Temporarily out of stock, ships as soon as available. Estimated ship date 02/07/2024 

LION SG4000 Smoke Generator Waterproof Case

The LION SG4000 Smoke Generator V2 Waterproof Case offers superior protection for your SG4000 smoke generator. Designed for durability and portability, this waterproof case ensures your smoke generator remains safe and functional even in challenging environments. With a custom-fit interior and airtight seal, it guards against moisture, dust, and impact damage, making it an essential accessory for anyone using the SG4000 in various applications.

  • High level of protection against water and moisture
  • Interior of the case is precisely molded to fit, preventing it from shifting or moving during transport
  • Dustproof protection
  • Impact-resistant construction withstands shocks and impacts
  • Airtight seal maintains a secure and protective environment
  • Pressure relief valve that automatically adjusts the internal pressure to prevent damage during air travel
  • Convenient integrated carrying handles make transporting easy
  • Constructed from robust materials
  • Stackable design
  • Secure latch closures
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Dimensions: 82cm L x 53cm W x 41cm H

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