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LION BullsEye Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System - Plus Package


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LION BullsEye Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System - Plus Package

The Lion BullsEye™ Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System - Plus Package takes fire safety training to the next level. This comprehensive package includes all the features of the Base Package but adds even more value with advanced options. Trainees can practice extinguishing virtual fires in a realistic environment, receiving immediate feedback, and honing their fire safety skills. Instructors can customize scenarios to match specific training needs, making it suitable for firefighters, emergency responders, and safety teams. The Plus Package also offers the flexibility to expand with additional modules and accessories, ensuring that fire safety training remains up-to-date and effective. Elevate your training with this versatile and adaptable fire safety solution.

  • Highly customizable fire scenarios
  • Additional fire classes, such as Class D fires
  • Multi-extinguisher training, such as CO2, foam, or water-based extinguishers
  • Extended library of pre-built fire scenarios
  • Optional Augmented Reality (AR) integration
  • Advanced performance metrics and analytics
  • Optional supplementary training equipment, such as fire blankets, smoke generators, or fire hoses
  • Remote training session monitoring
  • Multi-User
  • Accommodates larger groups and organizations
  • Designed to adapt to evolving training needs
  • Combines advanced technology with hands-on training

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