Leatherhead Tools Item# FE1664

Leatherhead Tools Lockwood Hook

$208.46 to $326.46


Leatherhead Tools Lockwood Hook

The Lockwood Hook from Leatherhead Tools is your ultimate firefighter tool, meticulously designed for Roof and Outside Vent Firefighters. This hook provides superior functionality with its unique geometry designed to optimize performance and efficiency. Whether for sounding roof decking, smashing window sash, or slicing through drywall, the Lockwood Hook makes every action quicker and easier. Forged from durable tool steel, this hook remains sturdy in the toughest situations. Enjoy the perfectly balanced power-to-weight ratio - enough to ensure positive sound and window sash-smashing without inflicting fatigue on the user. Upgrade your gear with the Lockwood Hook, 100% made in the USA for quality and reliability.

  • Broad top edge for comprehensive sounding of roof decking
  • Optimized working angles for quick and easy material removal
  • Specifically designed "throat" for quick and secure pairing with a Halligan
  • Slightly thicker walled tubing to balance power-to-weight ratio
  • Sharp top beveled edge for long, clean drywall cuts and efficient lath/plaster removal
  • Forged from durable tool steel for superior strength - no casting involved
  • 100% made in the USA

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