Leatherhead Tools Item# FE1691 BLK 24 Mfg# SLB-8-24

Leatherhead Tools 8lbs Hallway Sledge with Fiberglass Handle


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Leatherhead Tools 8lbs Hallway Sledge with Fiberglass Handle

The Leatherhead Tools 8# Sledge is designed explicitly for close-quarters usage when full-length tools aren't an option. The sledge head, made from durable high-carbon steel, is created to endure the most challenging situations. Whether it's needed for ventilation, forcible entry, or overhaul, this sledge delivers unwavering performance. This tool adapts to your needs with handle options in Hi-Viz lime or orange, yellow fiberglass, and a marrying bracket for a Halligan Bar. With a handle length of 24 inches and choices between 6 lbs. or 8 lbs., this sledge is reliable, resilient, and ready for action.

  • Constructed in the U.S.A. for reliable quality
  • Ideal for various tasks: ventilation, forcible entry, or overhaul
  • High-visibility pultruded fiberglass handle with a non-slip grip for safety and control
  • Alternative yellow handle option provides additional strength with its injection-molded jacket
  • Fiberglass handle design prevents splintering, unlike traditional wooden handles
  • Durable high carbon steel head ensures long-lasting use
  • Added reflective striping aids in locating the tool in low-light conditions
  • Available in two weight options: 6 lbs. or 8 lbs.
  • Length: 24b

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