Leatherhead Tools Item# FE1683

Leatherhead Tools 3' Drywall Hook Pro-Lite Pole with Rubber Bumper

$131.66 to $177.86


Leatherhead Tools 3' Drywall Hook Pro-Lite Pole with Rubber Bumper

The Leatherhead Pro-Lite Drywall Hook demonstrates the supreme construction and thoughtful design you expect from Leatherhead Tools. It's crafted with a hollow Pro-Lite fiberglass pole in a HiViz lime color, enabling easy location in darker areas. Reflective striping has been added to enhance visibility further, making this tool a reliable choice in all scenarios. The D-Handle and heads are securely bonded to the fiberglass using a robust two-part epoxy, supplemented with steel pins, offering enhanced durability. Available in lengths ranging from 3 to 14 feet, this pike pole also comes with a choice of handle types and head types, including the American hook, drywall/plaster hook, and rubbish hook, ensuring you have the right equipment on hand for any situation.

  • Constructed with hollow Pro-Lite fiberglass complete with HiViz lime color
  • Equipped with reflective striping for locating in dark areas
  • Durable D-Handle, mountable in a vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Uses American steel for all hooks
  • Available in lengths from 3 to 14 feet, with custom lengths also available.
  • Material: Hollow Pultruded Fiberglass
  • Handle: D-Handle
  • Pole Color: HiViz Lime
  • Lengths: 3ft to 14ft
  • Country of Origin: U.S.A.
  • Mfg Number: LHT-LH3-DH

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