Leatherhead Tools Item# FE1644

Leatherhead Tools 3' Drywall Hook Dog-Bone Pole with Rubber Bumper

$131.66 to $177.86


Leatherhead Tools 3' Drywall Hook Dog-Bone Pole with Rubber Bumper

Experience the perfect blend of strength and efficiency with the Leatherhead Tools Drywall Hook. With a dog bone I-beam construction, this Pike Pole boasts a sturdy handle that delivers maximum strength while minimizing weight. Designed with a high-visibility color and reflective striping, it offers easy location in dimly lit areas. Its bonding in fiberglass using robust two-part epoxy and steel pins ensures durability. This pike pole is exceptionally user-friendly and equipped with a versatile D-handle that can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Primarily used by firefighters for probing or pulling walls and ceilings, it is available with different head options and ranges from 3 to 14 feet long, ensuring you get the right tool for your task.

  • Made in the U.S.A. for guaranteed quality
  • Dog Bone I-beam handle contributes to maximum strength coupled with less weight
  • High-visibility color and reflective striping make it easy to locate in dark areas
  • D-Handle can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position for versatile use
  • Constructed with American steel, available with different head options, including American hook, drywall/plaster head, and rubbish head
  • Available in lengths from 3ft to 14ft for various applications. Longer poles are available on request.
  • Highly recommended for firefighter use in probing or pulling walls and ceilings.

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