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Laerdal SpeedBlocks Head Immobilizer Starter Pack


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Laerdal SpeedBlocks Head Immobilizer Starter Pack

Desgined for durability, SpeedBlocks offer a simple four-step process for application. Unique mulit-axis blocks system accommodates all head shapes and injury positions and offers direct access to patient's ears for better communication and inspection.

  • Velcro® free cleanable base with disposable foam base pad is easily cleaned and disinfected, lowering cost
  • X-ray translucent, CT and MRI scan compatible so patient remains immobilized until cleared to confirmed
  • Snap in blocks for quick and easy application
  • Countoured padded blocks for patient comfort
  • Blocks slide for adjustment for patient stability
  • Universal base can be used with most spineboards and helps maintain neural alignment
  • Wide lateral adjustments; fits most helments
  • Head straps attached at top of blocks can be instantly applied and removed; are easy to readjust and not affected by rain or temperature
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