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Wesol Distribution Item# UE878

Wesol Shirt Lock Undergarment Belt

$16.95 to $24.95


Wesol Shirt Lock Undergarment Belt

Say goodbye to constantly tucking in your shirt with the Wesol Distribution's Shirt Lock Undergarment Belt. The belt uniquely adheres to your shirt and pants fabric using a nylon hook-on-hook material that boasts 10 times the tensile strength of Velcro. It's designed to work for all, being unisex. Beware that the tiny hooks on the Shirt Lock may cause damage to certain fabrics. Especially beneficial for those with waist sizes of 38” and above - the 1.5” wide belt guarantees a snug and comfortable fit. This belt conceptually uses friction and forms a gentle ridge with your outer garment belt to ensure that your shirt stays in place.

Warning: Shirt Lock works by using tiny hooks that attach themselves to the fabric, holding it in place. These hooks may cause damage to some fabrics.

  • Nylon material with 10x the tensile strength of Velcro
  • Adheres to both shirt and pants fabric
  • Unisex design
  • Suitable for waist sizes 38” and above
  • Creates friction and a ridge with outer garment belt
  • Can reduce the need for heavy starch on shirts
  • Size based on hip size; ideal fit 2” below regular garment belt
  • May cause damage to certain fabrics

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