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Vertx Medium Pack Organizer

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Vertx Medium Pack Organizer

The Vertx Medium Pack Organizer is a highly versatile and customizable storage solution designed to keep your essentials in order. Perfectly sized to accommodate up to 7" tablets, notepads, charging cables, and other similarly sized items, this medium zippered pouch features a loop interior and top, making it compatible with other Tactigami™ items. The organizer includes red, blue, and green zipper pulls to help identify your gear quickly. It can be attached to a loop panel in any direction for a completely customized setup, making it ideal for use in Vertx loop-lined bags and packs. The medium pack organizer is also compatible with other loop surfaces, offering endless possibilities for keeping your essentials organized and easily accessible.

  • Medium-sized pouch featuring a loop interior and top, fully compatible with Tactigami™ items for enhanced organization
  • Can be attached to any loop panel in multiple directions, enabling a fully customizable setup to suit individual needs
  • Specifically designed to complement storage in Vertx loop-lined bags and packs, enhancing organizational efficiency
  • Seamlessly works with various loop surfaces, broadening its utility across different storage scenarios
  • Comes with red, blue, and green zipper pulls, allowing for easy identification and quick access to contents
  • Made with high-quality VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® hook and loop, ensuring a secure hold and lasting use
  • Incorporates VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® #888, measuring 12 3/4", for robust and reliable fastening
  • Features NYLON VELCRO® Brand 3610 LOOP 50”, known for its strength and durability
  • Constructed from NYLON 210D SD HD WR PU2-58‘’, a material renowned for its water resistance and ruggedness
  • Measures 9.5"L, 9.5"H, and 1.25"W, providing ample space in a compact form

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