United Shield Item# BP4072 BLK 1012 Mfg# USIPL-1100-10X12

United Shield Vanquish SA Plate


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United Shield Vanquish SA Plate

The United Shield International Vanquish SA Rifle Plate is designed with proprietary Polyethylene technology and provides stand-alone rifle performance. Offering multi-strike protection, it is resistant against 7.62 x 51mm 149gr FMJ (M80) and 5.56 x 45mm 55gr FMJ (M193), making it an essential safety gear for those in the line of duty. It comes in a regular multi-curve with shooters cut, providing ergonomic fit and comfort.

  • NIJ 0101.06 Level III+ stand alone
  • Multi Strike protection against 7.62 x 51mm 149gr FMJ (M80) and 5.56 x 45mm 55gr FMJ (M193)
  • Weights: 10” x 12” shooters cut - 3.0 lbs, 8” x 10” shooters cut – 2.3 lbs
  • Regular multi-curve with shooters cut
  • Thickness: 1.0”
  • Standard Color is a LAPD blue Cordura wrap
  • Warranty and Quality Assurance: United Shield offers a five-year warranty on ballistic performance
  • Manufactures by ISO9001 & ISO14001quality standard

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