United Shield Item# BP4236 BLK 2034 Mfg# 20X34-III+LW-WVP-ERT

United Shield Lightweight Level III Ballistic Shield


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United Shield Lightweight Level III Ballistic Shield

United Shield's Level III+ lightweight ballistic shield effectively defends against multi-strike impacts from standard Level III rounds, offering high protection while ensuring mobility. This shield, constructed using proprietary UHMWPE to achieve industry-leading weight, handles the 7.62×51 Nato Ball and the 7.62x39 123gr MSC AK47 and 5.56x45 rounds. With several shapes and sizes available, including options with viewports, you can select the lightweight Level III+ shield that best fits your needs.

  • Standard level III+ protection
  • Constructed from 100% UHMWPE for enhanced durability
  • Available in 3 dimensions, with or without a viewport
  • Optional addition of an LED light
  • Different handle configurations, lighting systems, shield bags, gun ports, extendable legs
  • Standard color: black; other colors, including camouflage, available upon request

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