Underwater Kinetics Item# BP373 Mfg# 24023.00191

Underwater Kinetics Super BC Body Armor Hanger


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Underwater Kinetics Super BC Body Armor Hanger

Tired of leaving your protective vests and other body armor laying around because it’s just too heavy for normal hangers? The Underwater Kinetics Super BC Body Armor Hanger is designed to hold up your protective clothing without stress, keeping your locker clean and your gear tidy.

This hanger is sturdy enough to hold ballistic vests, BCD for diving, wetsuits, belts, and anything else you need to hang up, even with equipment inside. With this super hanger, you can keep all your equipment in one place, ready to use whenever you need it. Body armor lasts longer when it is carefully hung up instead of tossed in a locker: save yours with the convenience of this durable hanger today.

  • Heavy duty hanger measures 10-inch by 16-inch
  • Safely supports 20lbs of equipment
  • Extra hooks for tactical gear
  • Curved edges keep items from slipping off while remaining easy to use
  • Durable black plastic construction
  • Made in USA

    Don’t let your gear settle in a dust heap when your locker or closet could be nicely organized, with every item easy to find when you need it. This hanger easily supports heavy protective gear, even with pouches, plates, and mags without risk of bending or breaking. Keep your gear all in one place and stop wasting money on unreliable hangers.

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