Uncle Mike's Item# ZB384 Mfg# 71-101

Uncle Mike's Ultra Lined Inner Belt


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Uncle Mike's Ultra Lined Inner Belt

When you need to put on your nylon duty belt quickly, you want it to just clip on and stay there. When you have Uncle Mikes Ultra Lined Inner Belt, you can trust that your inner belt, outer belt, and tactical pants will stay where they need to, so you can quickly get where you need to go.

This belt is made of quality nylon with Velcro that goes all the way around the belt, allowing an outer belt to quickly and seamlessly stick on. It holds its shape well even after years of use. The outer part of the Lined Inner Belt is made of soft Velcro, so a hook-velcro outer belt can easily adhere to it, while the inside along your pants is non-adhering for easy comfort.

Make sure you’re ready for duty in a moment’s notice, yet able to sit in comfort when you don’t need your duty belt.

  • One-sided belt with soft Velcro loop on the outside and smooth nylon interior
  • Complete adherence with Velcro that goes along the full length of the belt
  • Made of stiff, durable nylon that doesn’t bend or warp with use
  • 1 ½-inch width
  • Secures with sturdy Velcro clasp

    When you want a duty belt that you can rely on that is both sturdy and comfortable, you can trust Uncle Mike’s. Get yours today!

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