Uncle Mike's Item# NP889 Mfg# 425249

Uncle Mike's Reflex Holster

$32.99 to $34.99


Uncle Mike's Reflex Holster

Nothing is as swift and natural as the Uncle Mike’s Reflex Holster, and Uncle Mike's GUARANTEES it! Learn more.

The internal retention device securely locks the gun into place yet is easy to use when drawing the weapon. You simply rotate the pistol grip towards the body and draw.

  • Function tested in mud, sand, water & extreme temperature
  • Includes both a pancake and belt loopattachment platform
  • Made of injection-molded, impact-modified polymer
  • Fits Glock 17/19/22/23 and Sig P220 and P226
  • Right hand only
  • Made in USA

    select Weapon Size Code "22" for Sig P226, P220

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