TruGlo Item# SA3764 Mfg# TG-TG05C

TruGlo Replacement Fiber Optics


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TruGlo Replacement Fiber Optics

GSM/Tru Glo Replacement Fibers are specifically designed to renew the performance of your firearm and archery sights. It crafts high-quality fiber-optic material, ensuring efficient light transmission, and displays vibrant colors. These fibers can be fitted into different sight models. Whether you need red, green, yellow, ruby red, or orange, these fibers are prepared to meet your versatile requirements.

  • High-quality replacement fiber-optic material for firearm and archery sights
  • Efficient light transmission for clear sight picture
  • Available in vibrant colors, including red, green, yellow, ruby red, and orange
  • Optimal diameter of .060 in. (1.5mm) for precise fitting
  • Length of 5.5 in. able to suit various sight models
  • A reliable and durable choice for renewing your sight performance
  • Color: Red, Green, Yellow, Ruby Red, Orange
  • Diameter: .060 in. (1.5mm)
  • Length: 5.5 in.

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