TruGlo Item# SA3719 Mfg# TG-TG985B

TruGlo Glo Brite Hi-Visibility Paint Kits


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TruGlo Glo Brite Hi-Visibility Paint Kits

Enhance visual contact with your firearm sights, adjustment knobs, and intricate details with the Glo Brite Hi-Visibility Paint Kits. This glow kit includes six high-visibility paints that increase sighting speed and improve accuracy in diverse lighting conditions. Suitable for metal, plastic, and other common materials with the correct application. Mix and match the day-bright colors (green, orange, and yellow) and glow-under-darkness paints (yellow, orange, and green) for versatile use across diverse shooting scenarios.

  • Comes with 3 day-bright high-visibility sight coatings in green, orange, and yellow
  • Contains 3 light-activated luminescent sight coatings in yellow, orange, and green
  • Suitable for application on multiple material types, including metal and plastic
  • Enhances visibility for quick and accurate aiming in varying light conditions
  • Quick-drying formula for efficient use
  • Convenient application with thin brushes included in the kit
  • Produced by trusted brand GSM/ Tru Glo

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