TruGlo Item# SA3735 Mfg# TG-TG73C

Tru Glo Blue Kisser Button


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Tru Glo Blue Kisser Button

If consistency in your archery skills is essential, then the Tru Glo Blue Kisser Button is a must-have. This Kisser button is designed to enhance the exact anchor point for a more consistent arrow release, significantly improving the accuracy of your shots. Made from soft, durable rubber, it guarantees long-term use, maintaining its integrity in various conditions. You won't need a bow press for installation, making the process convenient and effortless.

  • Slotted design for easy and quick installation without the need for a bow press
  • Made from soft, durable rubber that ensures longevity
  • Promotes consistent arrow release for improved accuracy
  • Easy to adjust based on your personal comfort and shooting style
  • Striking blue color

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