Tekmat Springfield Hellcat Gun Cleaning Mat


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Tekmat Springfield Hellcat Gun Cleaning Mat

With strategic design features specifically for firearm maintenance, the Springfield Hellcat Gun Cleaning Mat is an essential addition for gun enthusiasts. Crafted by GSM/TekMat, these pads are noted for their impressive 17" sizing, comfortably accommodating a fully disassembled handgun along with necessary tools and accessories. Beyond sheer capacity, the mat's 1/8" padding assures a high level of quality, thus providing the desired protection from accidental drops or rough handling during your maintenance routine. This oil and water-resistant surface is designed to prevent potential scratch damage to your firearm. It is adorned with diagrams and illustrations that not only aid in disassembly and cleaning but also add to the aesthetic appeal of the mat.

  • Large 17" size caters to a fully disassembled handgun plus tools/accessories
  • Enhanced protection with 1/8” padding
  • Oil and water-resistant surface
  • Features diagrams and illustrations for practical and aesthetic value
  • Offers added protection to avoid firearm damage

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