Spike Devil Item# LW167 Mfg# 11000

Spike Devil Little Devil Spike Strip


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Spike Devil Little Devil Spike Strip

The Little Devil is compact and folds up for storage.  It can be used by simply swinging the Strip open and into place. The little Devil serves the application of two types of deflators, one side is a black in color for warrant service, S.W.A.T. and the tactical operations where you do not want the deflator to be seen. The other a side is a high visibility color, for a traffic stop, port of entry, security point or where the occupants are in the vehicle. The Color serves as a reminder that the system is in place.

  • Includes two strip sections from our standard Spike Devil system. The sections are loaded with special spikes and covered with tip guard. The spikes offer a tactical advantage, as they are designed to be used on vehicles that are in a stationary position.
  • Unique design allows you secure a car by using it as a deterrent against fleeing or as a way of slowing down a car trying to escape. Regardless of your tactic the system deploys the same way.
  • Folds up and stores in a compact size for storage in the patrol vehicle. When ready to use the system can be opened by pulling the sections open or by simply holding one section and allowing gravity to open the frame.
  • Locks open with the unique auto lock. The lock assures that a wide system is deployed and allows the officer to simply swing it under the tire.

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