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Spike Devil Item# LW217 BLK Mfg# 10020

Spike Devil Extended Spike Strip


In stock, order now! Estimated ship date 06/21/2024 
Please note: Must ship to law enforcement agency address. Click Law Agency for details.

Spike Devil Extended Spike Strip

Accordion design folds up and rolls up into the world's smallest spike strip system. The frame enhances deployment, can be reloaded, and has UP.S.D. Technology (Patent Pending). The Spike-Devil when deployed spike side up provides optimum performance on all road surfaces and weather conditions. If deployed upside down, it provides performance on a variety of hard surfaces and under most weather conditions.

  • Spreads across a portion of two lanes of traffic
  • Fits Motorbikes, all patrol cars, and S.U.V.s
  • Kept in a Holster for quick access
  • More mounting locations: Cab, Trunk lid, Trunk deck shelf, Trunk floor, Trunk Tray, Officer side of Prisoner Partition
  • Mounts upright, sideways, upside down, and standing up on its end
  • The Holster quick disconnect allows for transfer
  • Light weight
  • The smallest of all tire deflation systems
  • Opens up wider on roadway
  • Less post deployment adjustments
  • One handed deployment and retrieval
  • Requires minimal re-training of your officers
  • Deploy and retrieve as an integrated system
  • Covert Sliding style Deployment, covert color
  • Spikes are 100% encapsulated in plastic to protect the officer and the strip from damage
  • Tough Elastometric Nylon 66
  • Replacement spikes cost pennies compared to hundreds of dollars
  • No replacement sleeves, sections or expensive parts
  • Less post deployment adjustments
  • Covert Sliding style Deployment, covert color
  • The cord reel and strap are over-size and tough
  • The cord is 80 feet long and is heavy duty, includes a mouth to inspect and service the reel

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