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Sirchie Item# LE133Mfg# 176L

Sirchie Scott Latent Print Kit


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Sirchie Scott Latent Print Kit

Ideal for departments handling a wide range of crime scene situations. Offers an increased selection of fingerprint powders and lifters. Instructions included.

Kit Contents

1 Silk Black Latent Powder (2 oz.)
1 Indestructible White Latent Powder (2 oz)
1 Silver/Gray Powder (2 oz.)
3 Regular Powder Brushes
24 Transparent Hinge Lifters (1-1/2"H x 2"W)
12 White Hinge Lifters (1-1/2"H x 2"W)
12 Black Hinge Lifters (1-1/2"H x 2"W)
2 White Rubber Lifters (2"H x 4"W)
2 Black Rubber Lifters1 Scissors (5"L)
2 Disposable Gloves
1 Attached Case Magnifier (1-3/4" in diameter)
6 Evidence Labels
6 Evidence Bags (4"H x 6"W)
1 Hard Plastic Case (3-7/8"H x 9-1/16"W x 6-3/4"D)

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