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Sayre Re-Flex Vinyl Belt with Buckle

$15.50 to $17.99


Sayre Re-Flex Vinyl Belt with Buckle

Stand out with exceptional visibility with the Sayre Vinyl Belt with Buckle. Crafted from highly reflective vinyl, it provides a powerful reflection of up to 500 candlepower when struck by light, and its fluorescent hues ensure you’re easily noticeable during the day. It is 2 inches wide and can be adjusted between 28" and 48" to ensure a perfect fit. A handy quick-release buckle closure offers convenience and swift access. The Oralite® reflective vinyl incorporated in the belt employs Cube Corner Prism Technology, significantly enhancing the belt's reflecting qualities. Unlike typical glass bead technology, prism technology is 70% more efficient at bouncing light back to its source and functions efficiently in wet and saturated conditions. Reflects the same colors in any light condition and is abrasion resistance.

  • High-reflective vinyl belt delivering 500 candlepower light reflection
  • Bright fluorescent color for clear daytime visibility
  • Adjustable belt dimensions: 2 inches wide, 28" to 48" length
  • Presence of quick-release buckle closure for immediate access
  • Incorporates Oralite® reflective vinyl using Cube Corner Prism Technology
  • Prism technology is 70% more efficient than Glass Bead Technology
  • Performs under wet or saturated conditions
  • Maintains color reflection consistency day and night
  • Demonstrates resistance to wear and abrasion

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