Salomon Item# FW1380 Mfg# L41591700

Salomon XA Forces Jungle Boots



Salomon XA Forces Jungle Boots

The Salomon XA Forces Jungle Boots are a high-performance tactical footwear option, meticulously crafted for intense conditions such as jungle environments. Drawing inspiration from Salomon's renowned racing XA PRO 3D model, these special-forces boots deliver exceptional durability and unwavering stability on uneven terrain. Engineered with a high profile for superior ankle support and foot protection, these boots are designed to thrive in challenging environments.

Featuring strategically placed drainage holes, minimal padding, and non-absorbent fabrics, these boots excel in rapid moisture evaporation, ensuring swift drying in wet conditions. The combination of a high silhouette, robust foot protection, and stable foot support makes the Salomon XA Forces Jungle Boots an ideal choice for those who demand peak performance and reliability in demanding situations.

  • Lightweight tactical boot designed for challenging conditions like the jungle
  • Modeled after Salomon's iconic racing XA PRO 3D for durability and stability
  • Special-forces boot built to withstand tough environments
  • Excellent stability on uneven terrain
  • Strategically placed drainage holes for rapid moisture evacuation
  • Minimal padding for a lightweight feel
  • Non-absorbent fabrics contribute to quick drying
  • Ideal for those who demand peak performance in demanding situations
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Upper: Leather/Textile
  • Inlay Sole: Textile
  • Lining: Textile
  • Lacing System: Regular laces

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