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Safariland Item# RS207 BLK Mfg# 1112319

Safariland Compact Double Cuff 3 Pack


In stock, order now! Estimated ship date 05/30/2024 

Safariland Compact Double Cuff 3 Pack

User friendly, easy to carry and store. Ideal backup to steal handcuffs can be carried in back pocket, briefcase, glove compartment etc.

  • The Double Cuff features gives the officer greater control and the ability to stabilize the subject after one cuff is in place
  • Two individual cuffs rather than the standard single cuff for controlling
  • Both wrists/forearms and ankles
  • Standard length is 34" 86.36cm
  • 0.5" wide beveled edges to reduce potential for subject injury
  • Ample space for writing down subject information
  • Tensile strength for more than 400lbs. 240kg
  • Two cuffs in one, which allows for quicker subject control

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