Sabre Item# SD128 Mfg# 521010-C

SABRE RED 10% OC 1.33% MC 1.8 oz Cone Stream (MK2), 54 mL Pepper Spray


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SABRE RED 10% OC 1.33% MC 1.8 oz Cone Stream (MK2), 54 mL Pepper Spray

Equip your law enforcement team with the Sabre Red MK2, the ultimate defense tool against determined attackers. Engineered for tactical precision, this spray is designed to ensure the safety and effectiveness of officers in the field. The Sabre Red MK2 boasts a cutting-edge dual propellant system (DPS) that sets it apart from the rest. Utilizing Dupont's Dymel134a propellant combined with nitrogen gas, it delivers an intensely concentrated and precise stream in any environment, leaving no room for compromise. Fast-acting formula, featuring a potent 10% oleoresin capsicum concentration with 1.33% major capsaicinoids combination, ensures that the Sabre Red MK2 is a formidable solution to incapacitate targets.

  • ISO 9001-2008 Certified for quality assurance
  • Compliant with EPA and Health Canada Establishment standards
  • Extended 5-year shelf life
  • Rigorously tested and approved for eye, skin, and inhalation safety
  • Non-flammable and EID compatible
  • Proven performance in high-temperature exposure tests
  • Proven performance in low-temperature exposure tests
  • Enhanced with UV marking dye
  • Reliable target acquisition confirmation
  • Precise PSI accuracy tested before leaving the factory
  • Rigorous leakage prevention test before leaving the factory
  • Every unit test-fired before leaving the factory
  • 521010-C
  • 1.8 oz

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