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Sabre Item# SD1188

SABRE Personal Safety Kit w/ OC Spray and Personal Alarm



SABRE Personal Safety Kit w/ OC Spray and Personal Alarm

Stay safe with the innovative SABRE Personal Safety Kit designed with an OC Spray and a Personal Alarm. This kit includes SABRE's Pepper Spray with a quick-release key chain and a keychain personal alarm capable of an ear-splitting 120db siren. With 25 powerful bursts, the pepper spray can deliver protection against multiple threats from a safe distance. The spray contains UV marking dye to help police identify an attacker post-invasion. For emergency situations, the accompanying personal alarm emits a piercing siren that can deter an attacker by attracting immediate attention. Its compact size makes it conveniently portable, easily fitting in a pocket or attaching to keys or a bag. The alarm is easy to activate — simply pull the keychain to release the pin. All SABRE products come with access to free training videos to bolster your preparedness in risky situations.

  • Trusted personal protection brand: SABRE is the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers
  • Maximum stopping power: Professional-grade OC Spray backed by in-house lab testing
  • Protection at a safe distance: Pepper spray canister with 25 bursts for multiple threats
  • Loud, attention-grabbing alarm: 120dB siren audible up to 1,280-feet, attracting attention from those nearby
  • Free safety training included: Packaging includes links to free training videos for better preparedness
  • Spray Distance: 10 ft
  • Number of Bursts: 25
  • Liquid Volume: 0.54 oz
  • Alarm Range: 1280 ft
  • Alarm Strength: 120 db
  • Batteries Replaceable: Yes
    ***Oleoresin Capsicum (OC Spray): Can only ship via ground services to physical addresses within the Continental US. Cannot be sold to or shipped to Massachusetts. New York: Can only be sold and shipped to public safety agencies; individual sales are prohibited. Portland, Oregon any OC spray 4.0 oz and higher may only be sold to and shipped to Public Safety agency addresses only. California: Order’s billing or shipping to California with defensive spray (over 2.5oz net wt.), can be shipped to a law enforcement agency address. Otherwise, California requires one of the following credentials: Law Enforcement ID or Guard Card and Defense Spray permit/certificate.

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