Ruff Land Kennels Item# LE1153 Mfg# LGDD2010

Ruff Land Kennels Large Kennel, Double Door, Front and Back



Ruff Land Kennels Large Kennel, Double Door, Front and Back

The Ruff Land Kennels Large Kennel with Double Doors (Front and Back) is specially designed for the safety and comfort of larger dogs. This kennel boasts a durable construction with its one-piece roto-molded UV-stabilized polyethylene design, ensuring strength and longevity. The double-door feature, with doors at the front and back, offers versatility in access and egress, which is especially useful in emergencies.

This kennel is equipped with Ruff-Flex™ Energy Dissipation Technology, providing an additional layer of safety by absorbing impact energy, a crucial feature for travel. It's also weather-resistant and able to endure extreme temperatures without damage. The design includes recessed handles for easy transport and the option of heavy-duty tie-downs for secure vehicle attachment. In addition, the spacious interior provides enough room for larger breeds to move comfortably, making it ideal for long journeys or as a stationary crate at home.

The kennel's composite doors are strong and secure, featuring multiple locking lugs. Optional features like the SlantBack design cater to S.U.V. use by optimizing space. This large kennel is an excellent choice for pet owners who need a robust, safe, and comfortable crate for their larger pets, whether for travel or home use.


  • Features doors on both the front and back, providing versatile access and emergency exit options.
  • Made from UV-stabilized polyethylene, ensuring durability, strength, and seamless design.
  • Ruff-Flex™ energy dissipation technology absorbs impact energy, offering enhanced safety during transportation.
  • Weather resistance material is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions without cracking.
  • Recessed handles easier transportation and stacking of the kennel.
  • Spacious interior for larger dog breeds to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.
  • Composite doors feature multiple locking lugs for security and safety.
  • Lack of seams makes cleaning straightforward and efficient.
  • Raised floor design adds strength and provides cushioning for the pet.
  • Tailored dimensions to accommodate the size and comfort needs of larger dogs.
  • Optional heavy-duty tie-downs for securing the kennel in a vehicle, enhancing safety during travel.
  • Optional slant back design is ideal for SUVs, fitting snugly against the back seat and saving space.

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