Ruff Land Kennels Item# LE1146 Mfg# INT2009

Ruff Land Kennels Intermediate Kennel, Single Door



Ruff Land Kennels Intermediate Kennel, Single Door

The Ruff Land Kennels Intermediate Kennel with a single door is a robust and reliable solution for medium-sized dog owners. This kennel features a one-piece roto-molded construction from UV-stabilized polyethylene, ensuring both strength and durability. Its design eliminates the need for assembly and the presence of bolt-through ledges, saving space and increasing strength. The kennel is also significantly easier to clean due to its seamless design. With a width of 20 inches at its widest, it provides ample space for your dog. The kennel also has customizable ventilation options, including standard vent hole patterns and two finger holes in the back for improved airflow. This kennel has a rugged build and thoughtful design, making it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor use, ensuring the safety and comfort of your canine companion​​​​​​​​.

  • Typically made with high-strength materials like heavy-duty plastic or composite for durability and impact resistance
  • Optimally sized for medium-sized dogs, offering sufficient space for comfort while being compact enough for easy transportation
  • Equipped with a single door for secure entry and exit, often featuring robust locking mechanisms
  • Adequate ventilation provided through side vents or holes, ensuring a comfortable environment for the dog
  • Interior is designed for easy cleaning, often with smooth surfaces to prevent dirt and bacteria accumulation
  • Designed with rounded corners or additional features to enhance the comfort of the pet inside
  • Sized and shaped to fit in a variety of vehicles
  • Constructed with weather-resistant materials for use in various environments

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