Reebok Item# SP831 Mfg# CP8500

Reebok Postal Certified Leather Chukka Boot

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Reebok Postal Certified Leather Chukka Boot

Made in the U.S. and USPS certified, the Reebok Postal Express combines optimal comfort with enhanced athletic performance. These shoes feature a molded polyurethane insert and moisture-absorbing linings to maintain a cool, dry environment while providing superior cushioning. The midsole is shaped to Reebok's athletic last for a precise fit, while tip stitching along the toe bumper makes for durable, long-lasting wear. The upper is made of soft, full-grain leather and feature a pillow top tongue and collar that reduce blisters and keep your ankles comfortable. These boots are 100% non-metallic, allowing you to walk through metal detectors without hassle. Lightweight and flexible, these boots answer the call in any situation.

  • Berry compliant
  • USPS certified
  • Completely non-metallic design
  • Upper made of soft, full grain leather with pillow top collar and tongue
  • Tip stitching at the toe bumper for durability
  • Removable insert made with molded polyurethane cushioning and moisture-absorbing lining
  • Shaped to Reebok athletic last for a precise fit and enhanced performance
  • Made in USA

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