Raptor Tactical Item# BG2388

Raptor Tactical MK2 32oz Water Bottle Holder


Raptor Tactical MK2 32oz Water Bottle Holder

The Raptor Tactical 32 oz Water Bottle Holder MK 2 is designed with an emphasis on versatility and durability. Specifically constructed for the Nalgene brand water bottles, the holder incorporates a laser-cut MOLLE design, offering a lightweight and streamlined attachment mechanism for your gear. Its bungee cord top and locking slide mechanism allow easy installation and removal of the bottle while ensuring it remains securely in place during dynamic movements. The Holder MK 2 has a MOLLE-compatible strap, offering reliable and customizable attachment to your gear or easy detachment for portable carrying. Open MOLLE squares around the sleeve not only provide increased visibility of water levels but also allow checking for leaks or damages at a glance. With a loop panel for patch displays and a multi-cam alpine design, show off your personality and stay hydrated with the Raptor Tactical 32 oz Water Bottle Holder MK 2.

  • Durable design for long-lasting use
  • Laser-cut MOLLE webbing for multiple attachment points
  • Bungee cord top with locking slide mechanism for secure bottle storage
  • MOLLE-compatible strap for versatile attachment options
  • Open MOLLE squares for visibility of water bottle contents
  • Loop panel for patches for personal customization
  • Rugged Multicam Alpine pattern for a versatile look

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