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Qalo Item# GF1264

Qalo Modern Q2X Black Silicone Ring



Qalo Modern Q2X Black Silicone Ring

Introducing the QALO Modern Q2X - a silicone ring that perfectly balances timeless style and ultimate toughness. As a reinforced edition of the Classic QALO, this ring stands out for its incomparable comfort, tensile strength, and overall durability. Q2X silicone material is ten times more resistant to gasoline and resilient against oils, solvents, and automotive and household chemicals. With a capacity to withstand forces up to 23 lbs and endure temperatures up to 575°F, this ring delivers peak performance in any condition. Its smooth finish reduces friction and catching, offering extreme comfort for everyday wear.

  • A blend of timeless style and extreme comfort offered by durable QALO Q2X silicone material
  • Can handle forces up to 23 lbs and temperatures up to 575°F
  • 10x more resistant to gasoline, and resistant to oils, solvents, and household chemicals
  • Smooth finish that reduces friction and catching with other materials for comfortable wear
  • 8.5mm wide and 2.5mm thick for a perfect fit
  • Customizable with a name, date, or special message for a personal touch
  • Non-conductive making it safe for electrical work
  • Tensile strength of 49lb
  • Ideal for those preferring the classic look of a traditional ring but craving the comfort and durability of QALO

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