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Propper Item# JX832 BLK XL REGMfg# F54980X001XL

Propper Women's BA Soft Shell Jacket

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Propper Women's BA Soft Shell Jacket

The BA Soft Shell Jacket is a lightweight outerwear garment that’s made for speed and tactical function. Designed to give you an edge, this jacket from Propper comes loaded with pockets. Chest pocket features sleek magnet closure for stealthy access to important documents. Zipper pockets on the biceps, wrists and lower back are provided for safe stowage of equipment. Pullout badge panel is included for your identification and remains hidden until its need arises. Feminine cut offers a more precise fit for female public safety professionals. Stretch fabric allows for a free range of motion, a considerable benefit when working an extended shift or taking an evening run. The endurance of this garment is also impressive, with the tear-resistant durability of polyester, along with its many other low-maintenance qualities — such as wrinkle and snag resistance. 

  • 95% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Lightweight
  • Chest pocket with sleek magnet closure for silent access to important documents
  • Zip pockets on the biceps, wrists and lower back securely stow your gear
  • Zip out panel on left chest
  • Pullout badge panel remains hidden until its need arises
  • Feminine cut


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