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Project K9 Hero Arlo Men's T-Shirt

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Project K9 Hero Arlo Men's T-Shirt

Take notice of the latest from Project K9 Hero Arlo Men's T-Shirt. Featuring a crew neck and lightweight jersey fabric, this t-shirt is a great way to support those K-9 Heroes who have devotedly guarded through the past. On the front left chest, you will find a distinctive purple logo and our ambassador K-9 Hero Arlo on the back. Of course, no Project K9 Hero garment would be complete without a Nine Line Logo commemorating our partnership with this charitable company whose contribution is instrumental in safeguarding retired K-9 Heroes worldwide. By wearing this shirt, you can proudly support these local heroes.

K-9 Arlo, a retired hero with the Thurston County Sheriff's Office in Washington State, was shot twice while pursuing an armed suspect on January 13th, 2021. Despite undergoing life-saving surgery, he could not return to active duty. Sadly, no public funds are available for heroes such as Arlo, who have given so much throughout their careers - leaving his bills solely the responsibility of his handler since retirement. Project K-9 Hero is now stepping up, covering all medical costs associated with Arlo's retirement, and will continue providing our beloved K-9 companions like Arlo with a comfortable retirement they deserve.

  • Project K9 Arlo graphic on back and front left chest
  • Reversed American flag right sleeve
  • Material: Lightweight jersey
  • Crew neck
  • Short sleeved
  • Printed in the USA


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