Point Blank Item# BP4323 BLK Mfg# SOBNMS1-3S

Point Blank SOB Nemesis Lightweight Rifle-rated Defensive Position - N.I.J. Level 3


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Point Blank SOB Nemesis Lightweight Rifle-rated Defensive Position - N.I.J. Level 3

The SOB NEMESIS™ Defensive Position by Point Blank Enterprises is a revolution in modern armor technology. This lightweight, rifle-rated system is ideal where fast deployment, efficient transport, and optimal mobility are crucial with both N.I.J. Level 3 and Level 3-Plus options, this defense system is adept at countering threats from weapons like M855 and 7.62x39 M.S.C. It boasts a viewport and bolt faces indistinguishably certified to the same ballistic rating as the functional armor. Our innovative design includes a detachable shield for independent use and an embedded Foxfury light. The system conveniently folds in half when unused for compact storage and transport. Even under direct gunfire, the self-healing wheels maintain functionality - a testament to the robust design.

  • N.I.J. Level 3 (7.62 NATO Ball M80 149 gr) and Level 3-Plus (7.62x39mm MSC 123 gr, 5.56x45mm M855 62 gr) ballistic options
  • Detachable shield is perfect for hand-carry use
  • Embedded Foxfury light for enhanced clarity in low-light scenarios
  • Conveniently folds in half for storage and transport
  • Self-healing wheels continue to perform even after taking gunfire
  • Overall height: 76.8" (195.1 cm); Removable shield height: 41.3" (104.9 cm); Width: 25.8" (65.5 cm)
  • Weights: Entire System - 80 lbs (Level 3), 104 lbs (Level 3-Plus); Chassis & Lower Shield - 51 lbs (Level 3), 63 lbs (Level 3-Plus); Removable Shield - 29 lbs (Level 3), 41 lbs (Level 3 Plus).

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