Paraclete Item# TE1201

Paraclete PASGT Style IIIA Ballistic Helmet

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Paraclete PASGT Style IIIA Ballistic Helmet

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This Ballistic Helmet satisfies the stringent stipulations of NIJ-Standard-0101.06 Level IIIA and the Compliance Testing Program. Weight is 2.9-3.2 pounds per square foot, with PASGT styling for maximum coverage. Paraclete are engineered with a four-point adjustable attachment system and supportive neck pad. Adjustable padded lining enhances the blunt trauma protection while simultaneously offering more comfort. Sweat-wicking material in the pad system helps to prevent moisture buildup. A dynamic duo of protection and versatility, this helmet meets all of your tactical needs.

  • NIJ 0101.06
  • Level IIIA protection
  • Aramid/polycarbonate
  • PASGT design
  • Four-point adjustable attachment system
  • Compatible with chem/bio hazard masks
  • Add TE562 Paulson Face Shield to convert your helmet for riot use
  • Weight: 2.9-3.2 lbs

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