Tax Exempt Qualification

Government regulations require us to have on file a letter of tax exemption or a tax exemption certificate from all businesses and governmental agencies requesting tax exempt status.

Your tax exempt number may be on file; however, in order to avoid paying tax in the future, an official form must be submitted.

Your local tax regulatory agency can advise if you qualify for tax exemption and can supply you with a letter or a tax exemption certificate.

Once obtained, your letter or certificate may be faxed to our Credit/Collections Department directly at 859-268-5946 or emailed (please be sure to attach your letter or certificate). These are typically processed same-day unless we need to contact you regarding a problem.

If you believe you have already filed your letter of tax exemption or tax exemption certificate with us, and your online purchase is still being taxed, please contact us immediately by calling 844.464.2557or emailing us so we can get this corrected.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only accounts in the agency's name qualify for tax exempt status. If the account is in a personal name, your request will be denied.