Correctional Officer Gear

Correctional officers are an integral part of our criminal justice system. They face extreme challenges maintaining order in our prisons and jails, so they need tough, reliable equipment on the job. We stock a wide range of correctional officer uniform components and gear, including authorized restraints, protective eyewear, tactical gloves and stab vests, to assist on the job. Just as important as corrections gear, we also carry durable, professional correctional officer uniforms from top brands, as well as correctional officer boots and correctional guard duty belts.

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Correctional Officer Uniforms & Equipment

In the criminal justice system, it's up to correctional officers to maintain order and discipline within the walls of jails, prisons, detention centers, etc. To oversee the safety and control of inmates and personnel, these officers end up putting their own wellbeing at risk every day. With that in mind, Galls makes it a mission to provide these brave men and women with only the best protective correctional officer uniforms, equipment and duty gear. Shop our wide selection of authorized apparel and equipment from trusted brands like Flying Cross, 5.11 Tactical, Galls, and more.

BOP Uniforms

As an authorized Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) uniform vendor, Galls offers a full selection of quality, affordable correctional officer pants, shirts, and accessories to help complete the corrections uniform. Our FBOP correctional office gear features starburst emblems and patches, and it can be customized with a monogrammed name label. From Class A and Class B dress uniforms to BOP work uniforms, we have the fade-resistant, quality apparel that personnel need at correctional facilities.

CDCR Uniforms

Our lineup of California Department of Corrections uniforms includes jackets, shirts and pants. From a Flying Cross waterproof duty jacket to a United Uniform CDCR Class A pair of trousers, these uniforms are comfortable, durable, professional pieces made to move with prison staff throughout the day and night.

Stab Armor

Stab armor is an essential piece of protective equipment for correctional officers. Often, these officers are within proximity to inmates who may have a blunt object. With a stab vest, there are three spike levels (1, 2 and 3) of protection that defend against blunt force trauma such as edged weapon attacks to the chest, back and sides.

Correctional Duty Gear

Correctional facility officers need more than uniforms. We have the full lineup of correctional officer tactical gear to equip them on the job. When an officer faces a tense situation with an inmate, having easy-access protective gear can make all the difference in staying safe.

Our selection includes correctional officer boots, batons, restraints, correctional officer duty belts, belt keepers and duty gear. From an expandable baton that's ready to be deployed at any moment to medical gloves perfect for collecting evidence or performing medical care, our duty gear can ensure officers are ready in an instant for whatever they encounter.