Otis Item# SA451

Otis Ripcord Gun Cleaning Kit


Otis Ripcord Gun Cleaning Kit

Clean from Breach-to-Muzzle® in one quick pass. Advanced, heat-resistant materials allow the Ripcord to clean your weapon’s bore before the fouling cools and hardens.

Otis Ripcord Gun Cleaning Kit features:

  • Heat resistant up to 700° F
  • Helix shape engages rifling through the barrel
  • Nomex® fibers act as both a brush and a patch to loosen and capture fouling particles
  • 10” of cleaning surface, more than other products
  • Brass ends with 8-32 threaded ends accept all Otis components
  • Use with any firearm orientation (up, down…)
  • .22/.223 cal/5.56mm and .308cal/7.62mm measures 36"L
  • .38 cal/9mm, .40 cal and .45 cal measures 22-½"L
  • Made in the USA

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