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Mace Item# SD163 Mfg# 3010 PN

Mace Takedown Pepper Gel for MK-3


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Mace Takedown Pepper Gel for MK-3

Mace Takedown Pepper Gel for MK-3

  • Suspended in gel instead of a liquid stream, Pepper Gel sticks like glue, reducing potential back spray, while creating a sticky effective defense against an assailant
  • Super powerful 1.4% Capsaicinoid concentration produces 2 million SHU's of burning, irritating heat
  • Gel formulation creates more powerful stream, with a spray distance up to 25 feet
  • 2.0oz Spray, Standard Size

For optimal performance, defense sprays should be replaced at least every two years. See manufacturer’s information for details on shelf life and expiration dates.

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC Spray): Can only ship via ground services to physical address within the Continental US. Cannot be sold to or shipped to Massachusetts. New York: Can only be sold and shipped to public safety agencies; individual sales are prohibited.

*California: Orders billing or shipping to California with defensive spray (over 2.5oz net wt), can be shipped to a law enforcement agency address. Otherwise California requires one of the following credentials: Law Enforcement ID or Guard Card and Defense Spray permit/certificate.