Lion Item# FE1392

Lion Defender NFPA Gauntlet Firefighting Gloves



Lion Defender NFPA Gauntlet Firefighting Gloves

Professionals in the firefighting industry trust in the Lion Defender Leather Gauntlet NFPA 1971 certified fire gloves to protect their hands from extreme heat and flames. Eversoft thermal split leather guards against temperatures up to 500°F for unmatched strength and durability that will help keep you safe and offer maximum comfort on the job.

The leather construction, coupled with a soft lining on the interior, ensures maximum comfort and flexibility over long periods of use. Plus, they are offered in a wide range of sizes.

Additionally, our Crosstech® Insert prevents chemicals from entering your glove through sweat or liquids while remaining breathable, which makes it an ideal choice for hazardous environments. Wrist protection options are available, too, thanks to adjustable buckles that enhance comfort levels further.

  • Leather exterior protects with less bulk than standard-issue gloves
  • Lined with cotton blend material for comfort
  • Water Repellent
  • Manufactured to NFPA 1971 standards
  • Crosstech® Insert provides better protection with less bulk
  • Eversoft Thermal Split Leather adds protection from heat and abrasion

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